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Change Log

These items shown only relatively old changes to Airio. Newer updates and upcoming features can be found on a separate page.

Airio 2.4.4 (2010-06-26)

  • Corrected a very serious stats bug making version 2.4.3 basically unusable. Very sorry for overlooking this.
  • Moved RaceLaps item from SRV file to TCD file, where it logically belongs. This value sets the number of standard race laps for which total race time will be stored in stats optionally recalled by !race or !races commands.
  • Improved saving of personal best stats by internally limiting the updated items. This should make sure that impossible and incorrect PB and TB times cannot appear in the statistics.
  • FULL: Implemented a new crashing check allowing to limit maximum allowed speeds in certain track areas defined by node numbers. Any car seen with higher than he set speed is immediately (well, within LFS possibilities) spectated with "high speed" as the reason.
  • FULL: The maximum speed check data are specified in the Airio.tcd.txt file using new MaxSpeedNodes item. Allowed speed in first lap, subsequent laps and starting and finishing nodes are specified, defining the area where speed is checked. Any number of such areas can be specified in any track/car combo. See the TCD file for more info.
  • FULL: The actual speed limit check is turned on using new CheckMaximumSpeed item in Airio.srv.txt file on individual servers. Bu default this item is set to false, meaning the allowed speed check is not carried out.
  • FULL: As an extension of the above mentioned speed check by nodes also speed check in custom-defined polygonal areas is now available. In the TCD file it can be created using MaxSpeedPolygons item for individual track/car combos. Actual run of this check is also determined using CheckMaximumSpeed in SRV file. See the TCD file for more info.
  • New RestartOnTrackChange in the SRV file can be used to quickly restart first race after track change to e.g. make sure the new grid is properly sorted by car type speeds.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – None. Airio.tcd.txt – Added RaceLaps, MaxSpeedNodes, MaxSpeedPolygons. Airio.srv.txt – Added CheckMaximumSpeed, removed RaceLaps, RaceTime. Commands – None.

Airio 2.4.3 (2010-06-23)

  • PROS: Substantially improved AIRW support on the server side. Clean hotlaps in standard cars are stored only if within two percents of the current best lap time. The same is valid for world records in custom (restricted) cars. Furthermore all the data are now available online at, using simple links, navigation and selection.
  • PROS: The AIRW site newly supports also GT3 cars: XR3 (XRR + 34% air restriction) FZ3 (FZR, 28%), FX3 (FXR, 32%).
  • FULL: Also LFSEI support is improved on server. The data are now stored in a database, meaning the table at is no longer just temporary. Only people with LFSEI higher than 100 are stored. Also nicknames sent along with requests to calculate LFSEI are used in AIRW tables.
  • FULL: Added basic SQLite database support. On first Airio start after update the existing stats are saved into Airio.db3 file, if it does not exist already in Airio folder. While Airio runs the file is constantly updated and always contains the latest data. This file can be used for much easier data extraction e.g. on Web sites supporting SQLite. The tables and columns in the SQLite database exactly correspond to the structure of textual Airio statistical files.
  • FULL: Use of SQLite has two conditions: 1) New UseSQLite item in CFG file must be set to true (by default it is set to false). 2) SQLite support must be available via installed native libraries. You can download libraries for Windows (one DLL file) and Linux (one SO file) here – look for precompiled binaries without TCL bindings. If SQLite support is not available, it will fail with an error once and then will be disabled until next Airio restart.
  • FULL: There are two options to synchronize SQLite database with Airio internal data tables, in case e.g. SQLite support was disabled for a time: 1) Stop Airio, delete the database file, start Airio. 2) Use !dbi stats-manipulation command, which will drop existing tables and create/populate new ones. The import is optimized and fast (a few seconds at most).
  • Added LogStats item to CFG file to optionally log all saves and loads of statistical data, separately from other events. Also added DaysKeepStats saying in days for how long peoples' stats should be kept. By default stats are never erased, but you may set this value e.g. to 365 or 500 days to automatically erase all inactive people. Newly also once a day all stored lap times are compared to current WR and removed if too high to enforce the MaxTime setting.
  • FREE: Added HideHidden option to SRV file. If a server managed by Airio is hidden or not connected to LFS master server this item may be used to hide the server also on Airio servers page. By default all servers are shown.
  • Added RaceRestrictedZones item into the SRV file. If set to true (default), the restricted zones are applied only during race. These zones are defined in TCD file and can cover popular crashing corners, because they immediately send cars to spectate. To define anti-cutting areas use limited zones, also set up in the Airio.tcd.txt file.
  • All pages on the site (this one) have been renamed, converted to ASP.NET, and assigned new style.
  • Corrected some smaller bugs in applying safety rating changes and keeping personal preferences of people not yet stored in the stats. Also made some commands more resistant to incorrect supplied parameters and communication lags.
  • FULL: Updated !wrs and !bls commands so that they accept multiple cars/categories to list world records and best laps.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – Added UseSQLite, LogStats, DaysKeepStats. Airio.tcd.txt – None. Airio.srv.txt – Added HideHidden, RaceRestrictedZones. Commands – Added !dbi. Note: If SQLite support proves to be useful and reliable, it may after adjustments become the primary storage format.

Airio 2.4.2 (2010-05-25)

  • PROS: Improved clean AIRW lap check for supported custom cars hotlap saving. The path check is not as strict and allows for some small lags, but newly cars in vicinity are checked and if too near for two long, hotlap is invalidated. Also two new cars are supported, UFB (UFR, 45%) and FBX (FBM, 20%). For testing also FJR (FO8, 20%, 70kg) is available.
  • PROS: Extended the AIRW support by storing also best online clean laps (no cutting or drafting) in standard cars (no air restriction). For now only one best online clean lap in each possible combo is stored and reported, but extension is possible.
  • PROS: Added !bl command to display best online lap in the same fashion WRs are displayed. Also improved !wr output so that it is clear when real (achieved online, stored at AIRW) and recalculated WRs are displayed.
  • PROS: Added two new overview commands, !wrs showing (all or filtered) offline world records from LFSW and online world records (custom cars) from AIRW, and !bls showing all current best laps (standard cars) from AIRW.

Note: Only FULL/PROS version is released, there are no changes in the FREE version, so there is no Airio FREE 2.4.2

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – None. Airio.tcd.txt – None. Airio.srv.txt – None. Commands – Added !bl, !bls, !wrs.

Airio 2.4.1 (2010-05-22)

  • Made smaller corrections and adaptations to quite a few of the existing features. Optimized internal WR table handling.
  • The !pr command shows only online records. Added !hl command to show uploaded hotlap of any car on current track.
  • FULL: Added !hls command showing optionally all or filtered (by track/car) hotlaps including WR comparison.
  • PROS: Implemented features similar to LFSW, but supporting certain popular custom (restricted) cars. If a custom car is recognized, data of each lap are sent to and stored in a database. Every lap time goes to a table of personal best, improvements are reported on server as coming from Airio World, AIRW. Absolutely clean laps (only within paths defined by LFS developers, sometimes adjusted a bit) also go to hotlaps table, where the best times represent current valid WR lap times. These tables are also sent back to Airio with data included in WR table, personal bests, and personal hotlaps. At present five custom restricted car types are supported: XR2 (XRR with at least 24% air restriction), FZ2 (FZR, 20%), FX2 (FXR, 23%), XFX (XFG, 20%), XRX (XRG, 20%). The last two cars are intended primarily for demo people. These additional data are not currently used in LFSEI calculations, they may be included later, if the feature is working reliably. However the data are available using standard commands such as !prs or !hls (only clean laps). The system allows for easy restriction definition update at the server side. PROS version server admins, if you need another car type (UFB), let me know please.
  • It is now possible to specify in more detail what joining check will be ignored for certain limad levels. AllowJoining controls only repeated joining, while AllowRegister ignores registration requirements and AllowLock could ignore time lock. FULL: Similar items are available for advanced joining checks: AllowLicence, AllowRank, AllowSafety, and AllowExperience.
  • FULL: If online driver's stats are available, the country of origin, converted from full name to 2-letter code, is displayed in the !pl output, using light blue colour. Yellow country code comes from domain name (as derived from captured address), while white colour represents personal language selection. All three codes could give an idea about someone's nationality.
  • FULL: Renamed some potentially confusing items in TCD file: LicenceRanksText to RankPointsText, LicenceRanksPoints to RankPointsValue, LicenceRatesLevels to SafetyRatesValue, LicenceRatesText to SafetyRatesText.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – Added AllowRegister, AllowLock, AllowLicence, AllowRank, AllowSafety, AllowExperience. Airio.tcd.txt – Created alternates RankPointsText, RankPointsValue, SafetyRatesValue, SafetyRatesText. Airio.srv.txt – None. Commands – Added !hl, !hls.

Airio 2.4.0 (2010-04-16)

  • FULL: Fixed some minor bugs and nuisances in the initial release. Extended !pr command by WR+x% comparison. [2.3.9b]
  • FULL: Improved average lap time usability by a personal option to show on each lap finish in chat current and total average frame lap and time needed to get new average best. This info is hidden by default, but it can be turned on using a new button in !opt screen. The option could also be configured by !show command using Av switch. SetAverageInfo in SRV file is used to enable/disable the display on 1st or every connect. [2.3.9c]
  • Added OffPathWeight and GoodLapWeight to SRV file allowing to fine-tune safety rating changes using more events. Both apply only in race and one appearance off the track in race is allowed (e.g. when joining late or entering pits). [2.3.9d]
  • FULL: Updated LFSEI calculation a bit, both on client (Airio) and server ( side. Excluded "Class" from !ex. Known experience indexes are now stored in personal stats in case tab-separated STA files are used. Last known index is recalled on connect and is used in case updated index cannot be received. Also new !exs command is available, listing all known and stored (on this Airio instance) LFS Experience Indexes. This LFSEI value can also appear in !pi output. [2.3.9e]
  • The basic !pl command is now always accessible and AllowPlayers in CFG file is used only to show/hide admin/limad status. Implemented new !pls command showing extended player data as numbers – specifically points, ratings, and lap times of all currently connected people. FULL: Also experience is shown. Implemented new !plx command showing extended player data as strings – specifically ranks, ratings, licences, and experiences of all currently connected people. [2.3.9f]
  • Added TP (total points) as another custom grid sorting parameter to be used in GridPriMethod and/or GridSecMethod in SRV file. The value is also shown in !grid output. [2.3.9g]
  • AEGIO: Corrected completely wrong Unicode strings obtained in the rare cases when conversion from LFS byte codes fails due to not quite compatible code pages. [0.8.7]

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – None. Airio.tcd.txt – None. Airio.srv.txt – added SetAverageInfo, OffPathWeight, GoodLapWeight. Commands – Added !exs, !pls, !plx.

Airio 2.3.9 (2010-04-06)

  • Fixed relatively simple but potentially highly unpleasant bugs in countdown display, !pi command output, access to WRs file, and possible erased personal preferences. [2.3.8c]
  • Corrected tabs in !rt output, added {ServerName} as a parameter to be used in custom texts, improved "intelligence" of dynamic virtual tabulators. [2.3.8d]
  • Extended !tg command by an option to compare lap times to WR, possibly raised by specified percentage. This is done by specifying 4 as the 2nd parameter and % * 100 over WR as the third. It means !tg 4 200 will compare your split/sector/lap times to current WR+2%. in FULL and PROS this value can be used as timing comparison base.
  • FULL: Current % over WR is optionally displayed to driver on each LFSW improvement (good info for !ex improvements).
  • Changed definition of button clutch so that it is not auto clutch and not axis clutch. [2.3.8e]
  • Client layouts now get general name NONE instead of using empty track name leading to various errors. To keep timing data and points for specific layouts, the layouts must be stored on server and loaded from the server (see !ax*). [2.3.8f]
  • Corrected tabulated output of unusually long continuous lists, which will be split into pages now. [2.3.8g]
  • FULL: The !tg command now also shows target time comparison to current WR. [2.3.8h]
  • FULL: New ExperienceRate item in SRV file allows to set initial safety rating (when a new player connects for the 1st time) based on overall LFS Experience Index. This may allow LFS veterans to drive faster cars on multiclass servers initially, but their rating will still go up or down just like for everyone else. Initial rating is now also reported (e.g. when LFSEI is known or when the driver enters track for the first time).

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – None. Airio.tcd.txt – None. Airio.srv.txt – added ExperienceRate. Commands – None.

Airio 2.3.8 (2010-03-28)

  • Added point display commands to show only registered drivers: !rptt or !rtotal, !rptc or !rchamp, !rptp or !rplay, and !rptd or !rdrive. All show the same data as their versions without r, but limited to registered people. [2.3.7b]
  • PROS: Updated dynacaps to better handle unusual states (such as no PB for the car type stored in stats). Changed the former !dc command to more general !hc (handicaps). Admins can use !hc car command to reset dynacaps to base values as defined in TCD file (or to remove them).
  • PROS: Implemented safety handicaps (a.k.a. safecaps) allowing to penalize drivers for bad driving (as shown by the safety rating) using handicaps. SafetyIntake and SafetyMass in TCD file can set descending handicaps for ascending safety rating, while SafecapsManage in SRV file actually turns on/off the safecaps system. The updated !hc command shows applicable handicaps of all currently connected people, while !hcs displays dynacap and safecap "source" values (possible additions or reductions and ratings per restrictions). Safecaps can be used together with dynacaps, in that case sum value is used. The systems can also be combined with custom cars, but only when using different handicap categories, e.g. intake restriction to define custom cars and additional mass to be changed by dynacaps and/or safecaps. [2.3.7c]
  • DisableLimadJoining in SRV file can be used to disable free limad joining on certain servers (see AllowJoining in CFG file). They would need to comply with time, rank, licence, rating, or experience requirements just like other drivers.
  • Updated the !show command allowing manual setup of personal preferences. Two letters are now required/displayed for each setting. The following values are supported: Kk (kick reasons), Sc (spec reasons), Bt (timing buttons), Ou (output buttons), Bl (best laps), Bs (best splits), Bc (best sectors), Gl (good laps), Gs (good splits), Gc (good sectors), Ph (race path), Dt (distance), Tm (timing data), St (soft splits), Pg (race progress), Ex (experience), Sn (stunts), Sr (server times), Lf (lfsw times), Pt (points), Rk (ranks), Lc (licences), Sf (safety), If (general info), Rc (race info), Ow (own data),
    (private data), Km (kmph/miles), Sd (own speed), Bd (best speed), Cm (commands), Ac (acceleration), Pb (pitboard), Pi (pit info), Db (drift board), Di (drift info), Ds (single drift), Dl (lap drifts). [2.3.7d]
  • FULL: Updated LFS Experience Index display in chat for newly connected, so that it is shorter and usually fits on one line.
  • Added 38 new items into the SRV file allowing to change default personal setting on 1st or every connect. All the items start with Set word and shortly describe the data influenced. Also they are grouped as they appear in the !opt screen. [2.3.7e]
  • Substantially improved output display of many commands using virtual tabulators that vertically align individual items. While it is visually appealing there is a performance penalty – many more buttons must be sent to clients resulting in slightly slower output display. If the new formatting proves too demanding (leading to lost connections), it can be turned off for the whole Airio instance using new TabulateOutput item in CFG file. Tabulation can also be used in configuration files under items outputting data to the small buttons in the middle of the screen. Simply enter \t where a tabulator should appear. The virtual tabulators always dynamically adjust to the complete sent data and thus are very versatile. [2.3.7f]
  • FULL: Added a command to show all limads defined on current server, !srvlim. The command is currently available to everyone, but for standard users limad levels are hidden. The command is first of many future commands showing (and maybe also changing) server status, such as filters states or settings. Output is graphical only (not to chat lines). [2.3.7g]
  • PROS: BufferIntake and BufferMass in SRV file can be used to ignore small handicap changes and let cars stay on track. Such small changes or handicap decreases are only reported in chat which prevents massive forced spectates. [2.3.7h]

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – added TabulateOutput. Airio.tcd.txt – added SafetyIntake, SafetyMass. Airio.srv.txt – added SafecapsManage, DisableLimadJoining, 38 first/every connect items, BufferIntake, BufferMass. Commands – added r versions of all points commands, !hc, !hcs, !srvlim, updated !show.

Airio 2.3.7 (2010-03-20)

  • Server lock was extended by controller type – it is now possible to limit usage of certain controller types (e.g. keyboards). The check is turned on/off using CheckControls, the individual prohibited control types can be selected by setting to true ControlsMouseDisallow, ControlsWheelDisallow, ControlsKBStabilizedDisallow, and/or ControlsKBUnstabilizedDisallow items. Also ControlsSkipTime is available to skip controls check for people with sufficient PB (server) or PR (LFSW) lap time. All the mentioned new items are in SRV file, in locking filter section. Also BadPlayerControls can be used to set custom text displayed in big button(s) after spectating, allowing to communicate more info. [2.3.6b]
  • 33rd field of track/car statistics now contains date/time of last update of the particular combo to facilitate faster import into a database. This value is also shown in !pb output instead of last connect time which remains in !pi. [2.3.6c]
  • FULL: Updated car takeover routine so that e.g. rank/licence checks are applied also to drivers taking over car from someone else. It is also possible to disable car takeover using ProhibitCarTakeover in SRV file (driver is simply spectated).
  • FULL: VoteRateDifference in SRV file may be used to kick people starting vote against sufficiently higher rated people.
  • PROS: Finally (!) finished implementation of dynamic handicaps (a.k.a. dynacaps) which is a system giving e.g. to race winner additional mass to carry in the next race while making slower people lighter. The dynacap system is car-based, meaning XFG will require the same handicaps regardless of track. It is suitable e.g. for certain champ series, maybe applicable also to everyday racing. The whole point is to make racing field more competitive. The system is turned on per server by DynacapsManage item in SRV file. People are then checked on race join and spectated for insufficient handicap if necessary – additional spectate reason text may be defined using BadHandicap also in SRV file.
  • PROS: On race finish intake air and/or additional mass is adjusted according to DynamicIntake and DynamicMass items in TCD file, based on final position in the race (per car category). If update is necessary the driver is immediately spectated, new values are shown, and car setup update is required before joining again (higher handicaps are allowed but not recommended). The two mentioned TCD items set base handicap level (used initially), maximum change up (to more restricted) from the base, maximum change down, and actual change values per race finish position.
  • PROS: When dynacap system is active new !dc command shows required and current dynamic handicaps of all connected drivers, sorted from most to least handicapped. Good for quick check of the current dynacap state. [2.3.6d]
  • FULL: Corrected smaller issues with !tr display data and average lap calculation during qualification or practice. [2.3.6f]
  • Improved multiclass racing info – current position in respective category is shown in timing buttons on each split and also in pitboard panel/info on every lap finish. Also race progress buttons show previous/following driver in the same category. For multiclass racing best split/sector race data are kept separately for each group and shown only to drivers with a car from that group. Also best lap points are given separately in each category and shown only to people belonging to that category.
  • To change car type while spectating, without actually joining in that car, !car type can be used. This can be used to "watch" best times and laps of other car category on multiclass servers, because the data shown depend on your current class.
  • Updated optional blue flag info to include car type of the driver being obstructed. On multiclass servers IgnoreMultiBlue in SRV file may be used to completely ignore blue flags caused (usually just temporarily) by cars of different class/category.
  • Using SetupButtonAllow and SetupButtonForce in SRV file it is possible to prohibit or require usage of button clutch. Driver is seen as using button clutch when he does not have shifter and at the same time he doesn't have automatic clutch. [2.3.6h]
  • NoYellowNodes item in TCD file, which must always be under some track and optionally even under car type, allows to specify areas (as start to end node) where caused yellow flags will be ignored and not turned into safety rating decrease. This is important to solve a LFS yellow flag bug on certain tracks such as BL1R or AS3R (to be defined yet). To assist in discovering the areas where yellow flags are shown Airio system log now contains data about nodes where the flag was shown and withdrawn, just as nodes where the flag was used to decrease rating or (newly) ignored. [2.3.6i]
  • SpecWeight, KickWeight, and BanWeight items in SRV file may be used to decrease safety rating on each important forced spectating, kick, and ban (all of them manual or automatic). Taking the wrong route and driving into a restricted area in race are also seen as forced spectate actions and thus penalized (by default).

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – none. Airio.tcd.txt – added DynamicIntake, DynamicMass, NoYellowNodes. Airio.srv.txt – added CheckControls, ControlsMouseDisallow, ControlsKBStabilizedDisallow, ControlsKBUnstabilizedDisallow, BadPlayerControls, ControlsWheelDisallow, ProhibitCarTakeover, VoteRateDifference, DynacapsManage, BadHandicap, IgnoreMultiBlue, SetupButtonAllow, SetupButtonForce, SpecWeight, KickWeight, BanWeight. Commands – added !dc, updated !car.

Airio 2.3.6 (2010-02-07)

  • Added raw username and Unicode nickname of all drivers into Airio.sta.un.txt statistics file, but only if tabs are used as item separators (not line breaks). Unicode nicknames stored there make it much easier to display the data on a Web page.
  • Corrected bugs in !pi and best server lap display. Corrected and optimized raw and Unicode nickname handling. Removed additional internal arithmetic overflow check for now. Debugged !track command which would not recognize reversed tracks to switch to. Debugged car concatenations in rank/licence specific requirements (car groups are allowed now).
  • Instance and server scripts called at regular intervals or on race start now run asynchronously not to block other things. Statistics are cleaned when saved into STA files – unused and unnecessary or lost records are removed. Updated !part and !join commands so that the connection files can be disabled and enabled regardless of server state. Parting is now also possible from the current server, but the number still needs to be specified.
  • The !reload or !rld command now supports two optional parameters. The first one specifies the server whose data are to be reloaded from SRV configuration files. Second optional parameter says what version number of server-specific file is used. The numbering follows the rules applied also to SET files called by !si command. That means you can have not only Airio.srv.txt file (applied to all servers) and Airio.srv.1.txt (with items applied only to server #1), but newly also e.g. Airio.srv.1.2.txt file with another version of server #1 specific items. To reload data only for server 1 while using 2nd version of the setup you can use !rld 1 2. Common configuration files are skipped in this case, only Airio.srv.txt and Airio.srv.1.2.txt files are read and their items applied. Reload without parameters performs complete configuration reset.
  • FULL: Added optional "lucky jumper point(s)" given at the end of 1st lap to the driver who advanced by most places from race start to split 1. PointsJump in SRV file says how many points to give and JumpPlaces sets minimal required jump.
  • Temporary Airio log is now called log.txt (and not Airio.log). This may solve some troubles with remote opening of the file.
  • FULL: Completely removed Twitter support incl. the external library. The service imposes so many limitations that no reasonable info about races or servers can be communicated this way.
  • Renamed the current FULL version to PROS (all features, great for larger teams), added new and cheaper FULL version (only a few PROS features missing [custom banning system, private/server messages, custom/scheduled commands], limited number of servers, perfect for smaller teams), the FREE version remains the same except number of connected servers is again limited to four (and in future maybe just to two, but I'm not sure yet).
  • Additional StoreTotalPoints and StoreChampPoints in SRV file can be used to easily turn off standard points counting of the two kinds. Use this e.g. during an event when the points should go only into playing or driving category and not into total and championship points. The items can also be used to temporarily suspend the championship (or even the total) points.
  • FULL: New items RankByPlaying and RankByDriving in SRV file allow to optionally use points for playing or points for driving (or sum of both) as the base of ranks (instead of total points) on particular server. This allows to use the combination of up to four rank bases on different servers under one Airio instance.
  • FULL: Added new total/champ statistical item, average lap time of several continuous laps. Number of laps can be specified using AverageLaps track/car specific item in Airio.tcd.txt file. If value greater than zero is used consecutive lap times are kept and in case of an improvement new average lap time value is stored. Champ standings may be called by !avg (!bca) command, total standings are available using !avgs (!bta) command. Tracks and cars and # (or me) may be specified. The average total/champ lap time appears including current positions also in !pb output. Average lap times of currently connected people (including optional car specification) will be displayed by a variant of !tm command, specifically !tma.
  • FULL: LicenceByAverage in SRV file can be used to base licences on average (and not single) lap time (see above). This option may provide more reliable licensing excluding "lucky laps", because several good laps in succession are required.
  • FULL: Newly online statistics of each driver are downloaded from LFSW to be used in "LFS experience" calculations (see below). Also hotlap tables are always downloaded (in FREE optionally). PB and OS data are refreshed every 20 minutes.
  • FULL: Implemented LFS Experience Index (LFSEI) calculation using LFSW PB, HL, and OS data. From laps in different combos, total driven distance, podiums plus finished races, and lap times (both online and uploaded) compared to WR single value is calculated expressing driver's overall LFS online experience. The value does not depend on used track/car and is updated during LFSW refreshes.
  • FULL: The LFS experience (see above) is shown by !ex command. It shows values of five categories, the letters used have the following meaning: T: tracks index, C: cars index, D: driven distance index, R: races finished index, H: hotlap times index. The overall value ranges from 0 to approx. 1000 – drivers above 400 or 500 can be seen as truly experienced.
  • FULL: Using ExperienceRequired and ExperienceSpecific in SRV file overall or car-specific indexes may be set on individual server(s). BadExperience may contain additional text shown on spectating. If only experience requirement is set but no rank or licence conditions, people with insufficient LFSEI would be spectated or kicked. However in case some rank and/or licence requirements are defined, the index is used only as an optional value allowing experienced people to be excluded from rank/licence checks. This whole scheme can be uniform or it can depend on car type selected. If applicable, the optional LFSEI values are shown to the spectated drivers both in chat and in big buttons.
  • PROS: IPBanLength in CFG files implements simple banning by IP address. If custom Airio banning system and server log reading is active it allows to block banned IP for specified number of minutes. People connecting from such IP are kicked with a message stating when they can try connecting again. Due to inherent limitations please use this setting reasonably.
  • PROS: ServerLogName in SRV file can be used to set custom LFS server log file name used e.g. for IP address and LFS commands capturing. If multiple servers run from one directory, each log must have unique filename defined.
  • AdditionalToSerie in SRV file specifies if serie (limited group of races) should include also additional points (good laps, best lap, jumper, climber, stunts, improvements). By default only race result points are used in series.
  • FULL: UseAlternatePoints in SRV file will redirect total and champ points used on this server to an alternate field in stats. This in effect allows to separate total/champ points per server, but only one primary and one alternate position is available.
  • New best server lap time is now always shown in chat, only optionally (using ShowServerBest) as a big RC message.
  • FULL: Removed HideAllCommands option from SRV file. People are always free to show or hide typed commands.
  • Merged some GUI buttons into multifunctional ones to save space. Created a new button to turn on/off display of stunt actions (shown by default) and LFS Experience Indexes (hidden by default) in the FULL version.
  • The LimitedZones items in TCD file can now contain optional 4th parameter specifying penalty to be applied on entering the zone. Lap made through limited zone is always invalidated, penalty makes sure there can be no advantage in shortcutting.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – added IPBanLength. Airio.tcd.txt – added AverageLaps. Airio.srv.txt – added PointsJump, JumpPlaces, StoreTotalPoints, StoreChampPoints, RankByPlaying, RankByDriving, LicenceByAverage, ServerLogName, ExperienceRequired, ExperienceSpecific, BadExperience, AdditionalToSerie, UseAlternatePoints, removed HideAllCommands. Commands – added !avg, !avgs, !tma, !ex, !exr.

Airio 2.3.5 (2009-12-24)

  • Changed "unnamed" and "login" default names handling based on Scawen's request. These two are now always part of new WName (wrong name) item in CFG file, are allowed to stay on server, but spectated on every race join. Also new is BadName item in SRV file allowing customization of additional text shown in big buttons on screen after this spectate.
  • New SmallLogo item in SRV file allows customizing (or removing) the default "Airio Powered" text above server logo.
  • ShowServerBest allows to display to everyone an RC message with new server best lap time in a certain car.
  • When custom start grid and multiple car categories are used, a new item GridBySpeed in SRV file can be used to always put faster car types forward (e.g. GTRs in front of GT2s). The relative speed of categories may be defined/updated using CarSpeeds in TCD file. In each speed category further sorting rules apply (e.g. by session time or last race position).
  • Added the option to use current combo points of each driver in custom grid sorting. GridPriMethod and GridSecMethod in SRV file now accept also CP as input (other options are RR, ST, PB). The points are also shown in !grid command output.
  • FULL: If driver IP address capturing is active (by specifying path to server directory), the data are converted into domains and shown in !players output (such as CZ, UK or COM) instead of selected language. In case of new drivers the domain is used to make initial language selection from the available localizations.
  • Updated the !target command. Typing !tg 1 or !tg good will show split and sector times necessary for achieving a "good" lap time by driver's current car on current track. !tg 2 (great) and !tg 3 (top) may also be used. In FULL version these commands will create a new time comparison base selectable by using Target in personal preferences (or by !cp tg).
  • All important forced spectates are now checked to be sure server did not ignore the command, as may happen sometimes. The command may be reissued up to three times. The same safety check is done on all /kick commands as well.
  • Implemented advanced check for entering track from pitlane. If cars are approaching that are one or more laps ahead, the driver trying to join race from pits sees a message not to enter the track now. Only when such cars pass he's allowed to continue. New TrackReturnGap item in SRV file defines in seconds how far ahead the joining car must be to be allowed to return to track. TrackReturnPenalty says what penalty is applied for bad return to track (spectate, send back to pitlane, drive-through, etc.). CheckPath filter must be active (meaning also the PTH files must be available) for this feature to work.
  • Added support for import of Lapper's PB.elp export file, version 1. The !import command will look for this file first and if found in Airio directory it will read it and convert to Airio stats. If the file is not found, the older PB.txt is used for import.
  • New item HostRate in CON file allows to set update rate of car data (speed, location) per second used for connection to this server. Values of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 are supported with 10 updates per second being the default (corresponding to 100 ms).
  • Cars rotating faster than 270 degrees per second in race are reported in the system log as crashing using "CRASH - Spin". Also corrected drifting calculations which could fail under certain circumstances. Updated !time command which now shows lap times of all people in the cars they currently use. Ranks and ratings are shown also on layouts.
  • Output of !rks and !rts is now reversed, with highest ranks/ratings on top. Corrected !pi output in which some lines could be doubled. Corrected !ver output showing wrong connections/players count or hiding that info completely.
  • FULL: Stunt height after race is measured above road level, not absolutely, meaning PTH files are required for stunts now.

Aegio .NET InSim library and Servers page updates:

  • Seriously updated both TCP and UDP sending and receiving key procedures to a much simpler, more efficient, and more reliable (hopefully) form. The UDP communication was very buggy until now, which was discovered only when creating a new client-side tool, Aonio, relying heavily on connectionless datagram data (UDP).
  • Rewritten strings handling, conversion tables are not used anymore, complete conversion of LFS encodings to Unicode and back (wow!) is supported now, meaning Airio localization is not limited to European languages anymore. Support of certain code pages is required on the operating system, but tests show it works both on Windows and in Linux (through Mono).
  • Added support for the latest OutGauge data (Z25+).
  • Corrected raw and Unicode string handling, full server names will be displayed now and there should also be valid links available even when Japanese and other non-standard characters are used. This also applies to usernames – LFSW data are correctly retrieved even for people with strange usernames.
  • Updated lfs:// links allowing direct and simple connect to any of the servers by just one click on the server name.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – added WName. Airio.tcd.txt – added CarSpeeds. Airio.srv.txt – added BadName, SmallLogo, ShowServerBest, GridBySpeed, TrackReturnGap, TrackReturnPenalty. Airio.con.txt added HostRate. Commands – none.

Airio 2.3.4 (2009-09-14)

  • Using Limad0Limad5 items in SRV file(s) it is now possible to define limited and virtual admins for individual servers in case you need that separation. Server-level settings always have precedence over CFG-level entries.
  • FULL: New LimadDesc item in CFG file allows to rename limad levels to something meaningful. The description is displayed in !players command output and is also available as {LimadStatus} variable to be used in custom text and commands.
  • Extended start grid ordering by server personal best lap time option, PB. Added GridQualMethod to SRV file allowing to change grid ordering after qualification based on session or server personal best. Accompanying GridQualCount and GridQualReverse items set how many drivers are influenced and if they are reversed for special types of racing.
  • ClearSessionOnQual and ClearSessionOnSpec in SRV file can be used to enforce qualification realism by disallowing spectates from anywhere else than pitlane. Drivers need to enter pitlane and then spectate, or their session lap time is lost and they are moved to the back of the race start grid (if sorting by session time after qualification is used, see above).
  • FULL: Enhanced the !sall (spectate all) command. For example !sa 32 will spectate all people and allow only 32 with best session time to join. The rest must wait for 15 seconds if there are some free spots remaining. This is good for giving preference to people with best (e.g. qualification) times over those who just happen to be on track during race restart.
  • SecondsCountdown in SRV file sets length of countdown display before automatic restart or race end. Updated !re and !end commands can take one integer parameter (in seconds) launching the countdown and later restarting or ending race.
  • FULL: Added two new driver overview commands. The !pbs [tracks+cars] [name] displays all (or selected) server lap times of a driver. Data shown include track, car, PB, difference to WR in %, TB, difference to PB, number of laps, date the PB was made and how many days in past it was. Very similar !prs command summarizes LFSW data of a connected driver. Both commands could be handy on a server with time-lock because you can see what cars are actually available to you, if any.
  • Changed RegisteredUsers (allowing to specify usernames for some event) to RName in SRV file. Only these people will be shown in !rsb, !rtb, and exported to Lapper's PB.txt file using new !rexp command. Also registered users can use any nickname and skin name.
  • New LimitToRegistered item in SRV files limits server use only to people specified in RName (see above). Another item in SRV, UnregisteredCanSpec, defines whether unregistered people can stay on the server or if they are kicked immediately. Textual NotRegistered item can be used to display additional info (3 lines) in buttons to spectated unregistered people.
  • Forced spectate after finish is accompanied by (optional) explaining message. Also total race time is shown together with difference to previous best race time (in layout racing) and the last lap/split data stay on screen for review.
  • Added WebDescription item into CFG file allowing to set additional text displayed in the instance field on Airio servers page (e.g. team Web address). Also added WebDescription into SRV file providing additional server description (e.g. settings).
  • Data for Airio servers page are now sent using POST to overcome GET limit (2 KB) when using very long descriptions.
  • Changing car type erases not only current session data, but also last race position used for grid sorting (omission fix).
  • Help screens are for limads/admins continuous, with the Previous and Following buttons listing through all seven outputs.
  • Time lock can be applied only in race using new LockOnlyRace item in SRV file. Between races and in qualification/practice anyone can join if true is used, but people with insufficient time must wait with joining to race end.
  • Updated !wr command so that it works also with custom cars. Such split/sector/lap times are shown as VRs (virtual recs).
  • FULL: ResetPenalty1 in SRV file accepts also SE as parameter meaning direct spectate for any car reset in race. If allowed in server settings, car reset can be then used only in practice and qualification.
  • Corrected the reported bugs (nickname display, daily log name, !pb output in champ area, pitlane penalties, too short DT, penalty for bad pit entry, custom commands, idling on autocross tracks, applying time adjustments).

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – added WebDescription, LimadDesc. Airio.tcd.txt – none. Airio.srv.txt - added GridQualMethod, GridQualCount, GridQualReverse, ClearSessionOnQual, ClearSessionOnSpec, SecondsCountdown, LimitToRegistered, UnregisteredCanSpec, NotRegistered, WebDescription, LockOnlyRace, Limad0Limad5. Commands – added !pbs, !prs, !rexp.

Airio 2.3.3 (2009-08-19)

  • Added BName item into CFG file allowing to specify permanently banned usernames. It is better to use this list instead of Airio FULL (temporary) ban system/list. To have all perma-banned names in an external file use IncludeFile directive.
  • Created two more personalization items, one selecting if best speed is show (in button selecting also own speeds), the other allowing to see when the car is leaving defined racing path and coming back (combined with acceleration display).
  • Added !opt command to call personal options, the same configuration GUI shown by Shift+i. Unfortunately many drivers still do not realize they can select message types and other items to show and hide, maybe this command will be useful, being less obscure than a keyboard shortcut. Its alternative is !myconfig used for similar purpose by LFS Lapper.
  • Added a few variables that can be used in all textual items or server/user (see below) custom commands, specifically: {NickName}, {UserName}, {CurrTime}, {CurrDate}, {CurrTrack}, and {Parameter} passed to a custom command.
  • FULL: Implemented support for user commands, executed on behalf of the current user (while server commands execute in the server context) using UserCommand in SRV file. Any combination of Airio (not LFS) commands can be defined.
  • FULL: To be able to show something to users via user commands four new non-replicated (not shown) items were created: !linechat(s) (!lch, sends one chat line), !multichat(s) (!mch, sends several chat lines), !showsmall(s) (!ssm, displays small buttons), !showbig(s) (!sbg, displays big buttons). In the passed text ++ is used as line/button separator and 's' at the command end means it is sent to all connections. Localization is fully supported as !now example shows:

UserCommand=now Shows current time ||CZ Ukazuje aktuální čas > -1 > !lch ^7Current date and time : ||CZ
^7Současné datum a čas : ||+ ^3 {CurrDate} {CurrTime}

  • FULL: Driver receiving messages or buttons in custom commands may be set using special !selectplayer (!slp) command. Earlier displayed buttons can be hidden, optionally with specified delay by !hidesmall(s) (!hsm) or !hidebig(s) (!hbg). Here is an example of custom limad 2 or higher !warn [driver] command showing big warning to someone for 10 seconds:

UserCommand=warn Warns a driver > 2 > !slp {Parameter} ; !sbg ^7{NickName}^7, you get a serious warning! ++ ^3Next time you are banned... ; !hbg 10

  • FREE: Removed limit put on the number of connected servers (formerly four). All Airio compiles can now be connected to any number of LFS servers, but if more than 4 are required it is necessary to adjust NumServers item in the CFG file.
  • Separated button/chatline output into two categories, timing (split/sector data, distances, race progress) and command (output of !sb, !pl and many others). This makes it possible to have no additional buttons while racing (with timing data optionally shown in chat) and at the same time use buttons for commands, because they can display much more info.
  • Improved custom speedtraps (up to 4 on each track, by default installed into split points, but fully configurable using TCD file) by adding speed comparison. Drivers with subscribed Race Speed data will see in chat on each speedtrap their current speed, difference to own session best speed (one connection, green means improvement, red the opposite) and difference to total race best speed at the track point. Good for comparing turn output speeds or maximum speeds on straights.
  • Added MaxSectorTime into SRV file optionally setting what time drivers have to pass next split. If the allotted time expires the driver is spectated for bad (slow) driving.
  • Added SpecAfterFinish into SRV file that can be used to keep the track clear e.g. in autocross races. Also updated autocross support by storing best race times (incl. penalties) and supporting idling checks.
  • Added NearGap and NearCars into SRV file. The 1st defines in seconds what does "near" mean, the 2nd then how many cars must be near you for certain checks to run. Currently the following checks are affected: lagging, spinning, causing yellow flag. Under default settings no one is spectated/penalized if there's no car 5 seconds distant or closer.
  • The !re(start), !end and !qu(alify) commands now run check to see if the action was really carried out by the server - LFS commands are sometimes ignored, if there's a huge lag. The commands are sent 5 times in 5s intervals before giving up.
  • Enabled to disallow or require automatic clutch and shifter. The following new items in SRV file are used: SetupClutchAllow, SetupShiftAllow, SetupClutchForce, SetupShiftForce.
  • Added UseRoundCountdown into CFG file for admins that simply do not like the round race restart/end countdown display.
  • FULL: Added RotateTracksFull into SRV file allowing the use of any group of Airio/LFS commands in track rotation scheme.
  • FULL: New UsePitLaps in SRV file allows to define pit windows (together with obligatory pit work) in laps and not minutes.
  • Added PitExitPenalty into Airio.srv.txt file to define penalty for bad pit exit in race: 45 and SG are always applied, 30 and DT only if there is no other penalty pending. Other options are SE and PL, spectating and sending to pitlane respectively.
  • Renamed LastPitNode to PitExitNode in Airio.tcd.txt file. Added PitEntryNode into the same file. Added CheckPitEntry and PitEntryPenalty to SRV file. These last three items can together be used to penalize bad pitlane entry, but only in race.
  • Corrected optional display of "dirty" lap when PB is not saved due to failed path check. Path check is also skipped in case the driver is lagging, because otherwise it leads to many incorrect and frustrating (my own experience) dirty laps.
  • RacePathDelay in SRV files specifies in tenths of a second for how long must a car be outside the racing path to be seen as driving improperly. This helps to fight slight lagging issues when the server calculates/shows car position incorrectly.
  • Corrected display of total race time longer than one hour. In that case only hours, minutes and seconds are shown. Also corrected minor textual errors in default MSG files. If race points are defined then on start only really used cars are shown.
  • Added functionality similar to !near to all listing commands. If special character # or special word me is used instead of position, the list will show people around you in the selected category. Example: !safe # will show people around you in safety ratings, !total xfg # will show total points got in XFG with you in the middle. Affected commands are !sb (gives the same output as !near), !tb, !total, !champ, !play, !drive, !safe, !laps(s), !race(s), !pod(s), !serie(s), and !drift(s).
  • Enhanced several total/champ data commands to accept combined car types and also custom car categories. They are the following: !total, !champ, !laps(s), !race(s), !pod(s), !serie(s), and !drift(s). This means that e.g. !race tbo will show weekly best race times on current track in any TBO car (with car type also stated).
  • Corrected very wrong handling of AI spectating when combined with other spectate reasons (serious bug fix). Corrected repeated display of other entry info buttons when clicking OK after being spectated. Corrected wrong handling of drive-through penalty clearing by admins (bug fix). Corrected some clean lap resets. Corrected rotation string synching. Improved grid clearing in track rotations. Fixed other small display things.
  • Updated display on the servers page (using tool-tips) by state flags (Servers field), server version and country (Tracks), current/maximum users and total server lag (Users), and all allowed cars (Cars). Also clicking on cars will display standard LFSW live race progress info.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – added UseRoundCountdown, BName. Airio.tcd.txt – added PitEntryNode. Airio.srv.txt - added PitExitPenalty, CheckPitEntry, PitEntryPenalty, RacePathDelay, UserCommand, RotateTracksFull, SetupClutchAllow, SetupShiftAllow, SetupClutchForce, SetupShiftForce, NearGap, NearCars, MaxSectorTime, SpecAfterFinish. Commands – added !opt.

Airio 2.3.2 (2009-07-29)

  • Implemented optional best single drift and best lap drifts messages using a new GUI button with four states. Added Private data option under Own data button, governing display of yellow flags caused, reasons for invalid laps, and reasons for no points. Each Airio user currently has 36 options to customize the application output and behaviour.
  • Added support for PTH files defining proper racing path. Accompanied by point-in-polygon routines this allows to perform additional advanced car position checks, e.g. ignoring PB times achieved by cutting (without defining limited zones).
  • Added OffPath item into Airio.tcd.txt file stating in whole meters how far outside the proper racing path a car can be while still considered as driving properly. This parameter in effect widens the standard LFS HLVC path to allow for some cutting.
  • Added CheckRacePath item into Airio.srv.txt file. If true, personal best sector/split/lap times will be saved only from "clean" lap, in which the car was never seen outside racing path, as defined by PTH file and OffPath parameter.
  • Added OffTrackIdling and OffTrackDriving items into Airio.srv.txt file optionally allowing idling or wrong way driving when outside of the proper (widened) racing path.
  • Added LastPitNode to TCD file stating where pitlane really ends. Added CheckPitExit item to SRV file. Together with proper path definition these items can be used to enforce (partially) pit exit lines. Cutting pitlane exit results in spectate.
  • To check for race path borders turn on the race path check and turn on also all messages (e.g. by !noisy). Airio will report when your car leaves the track and enters it back which allows for some OffPath and LastPitNode fine-tuning.
  • Corrected !axi (list layouts) output, which was cut short. Added !axs command to save currently loaded layout to server.
  • The !lock or just !lk command is now with informational output available to normal users to see what time they need.
  • The !track or just !tr command output is now optionally graphical (in buttons). It also includes additional track data calculated from PTH file: Exact track length (optimal line), min and max track width, height difference.
  • 14 common spectate reasons on race join are now also shown as big buttons, not only in chat lines. Hopefully people will see/read those and take appropriate corrective actions. All these explanations can be accompanied by localizable custom text using 14 new items in SRV file (all starting with Bad). This makes it possible to define e.g. advice about how to overcome currently applied time lock (maybe by making good lap elsewhere online or by uploading a hot lap offline).
  • FULL: Added options to display driver information and unban driver to the Act limad/admin button where appropriate. Available options are now more selective based on current limad rights. The button is displayed also beside the ban list.
  • Fixed incorrect layout handling in rotations and elsewhere (bug fix), corrected also speed reported in layouts.
  • Implemented !grid or just !gr command to show expected grid on next race restart, if custom sorting is used. Note that actual grid positions depend on drivers on track when the restart really occurs, because only cars on track are sorted.
  • Added new !rsb (!topqual) and !rtb (!ttopqual) showing server best real/theoretical lap times of drivers registered for some event. The usernames are taken from new RegisteredUsers item in SRV file.
  • FULL: Added {N} parameter to custom commands, always replaced by current player nickname.
  • Fixed a LFS bug allowing cars on BL2 to complete drive-through by cheating.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – none. Airio.tcd.txt – added OffPath, LastPitNode. Airio.srv.txt – added CheckRacePath, CheckPitExit, OffTrackIdling, OffTrackDriving, BadPlate, BadSkin, BadTyres, BadPassengers, BadHandicaps, BadCarSetup, BadPlayerSetup, BadCarType, BadJoin, BadLock, BadCamera, BadLicence, BadRank, BadRating, RegisteredUsers. Commands – added !axs, !grid, !rsb, !rtb.

Airio 2.3.1 (2009-07-19)

  • Implemented Previous and Following buttons enabling everyone to easily move through all kinds of lists spanning over several pages, generated e.g. by !sb, !ptt, and many other commands including admin/limad ones. This very handy and user-friendly addition for easy listing is finally available.
  • FULL: The !players and !recent lists now show to limads Kick, Ban, and Act buttons according to their available rights. By simple clicking it is possible to ban (optionally for specific length and with some reason), kick and spectate/pit/penalize drivers. Good for server management, making !ban and other typed commands obsolete. Action confirmation is required.
  • Extended the output of !recent command showing now 24 latest disconnects with reasons and time elapsed.
  • Added AllowRecent to CFG file setting the limad level from which data about disconnects are available (–1 = everyone).
  • Implemented limad/admin !cv command to manually cancel approaching/running race restart/end vote.
  • Fixed a situation when everyone would be kicked for bad name if empty PName in CFG file is used. Done several smaller fixes and corrections.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – added AllowRecent. Airio.tcd.txt – none. Airio.srv.txt – none. Commands – added !cv.

Airio 2.3.0 (2009-07-14)

  • Separated Airio additional checks into two categories, Basic and Advanced. They can be turned on/off as groups using the extended !ch[a|b] [on|off] command(s). Basic checks: CarSetup (gears, brakes), DriverSetup (ABS, TC), Tyres, AIs,  Passengers, CarTypes (prohibited), Limited zones, Restrictions (handicaps), Lock (lap time), Ranks, Licences, Ratings. Advanced checks: Name (prohibited), Name (doubled), Cursing, Text (numberplate), Skin (name), Flooding, Speed(impossible), Spin, Time (impossible), Speeding (pit lane), Restricted zones, Idling, Driving (wrong way), Lagging, Blue flag, Camera (view), Address (doubled IP), Join (limited count). Advanced checks cannot run without basic checks.
  • Allowed nickname filtering in all the global statistical commands such as !sb, !ptt, !ptd, !bcr, !bcl and others. Filter applied to nicknames is defined after '*'. Examples: !sb tbo *[AA] shows PBs in TBO cars of only AA team members, !ptp *R2R™ will show playing points only of people with nickname containing the specified case sensitive string. Online !help lists all the commands supporting filtering.
  • Implemented !verb [1-3] command to allow anyone to temporarily change the amount of Airio messages received. Specifying 1 (or using !silent) suspends almost all messages and additional features. Good for an event. Specifying 3 (or using !noisy) results in receiving almost all messages. Good for testing. Value 2 (or !custom) returns standard state, when only chosen messages are seen. The !silent and !noisy commands are switching between specific and standard mode.
  • Updated GUI so that the above explained three verbosity states may be also selected by clicking on Messages button.
  • Added DefaultVerbosity and StandardVerbosity into Airio.srv.txt file allowing to set level of messages shown to new drivers and to everyone else just connected. In both cases drivers are free to change all personal settings.
  • Added two new personal settings allowing to select only best/good lap and not splits or sectors. The Best times and Good times buttons now have five "positions", going in cycle.
  • Updated the limited admin (limad) system. In FREE version Limad0 is now fully configurable, not limited only to prohibited names usage. This possibility is defined by new AllowName item in CFG file. Also a new item Limad4 was created in CFG file, defining virtual admins that can have all Airio admin (and limad, of course) commands available, but that do not use or know server password (they are not server admins). In FULL the virtual admin level may be defined using IsAdmin key, in FREE version the value is always 4. FULL also supports Limad5 that may have even more rights than regular admins, but it always requires server password, or the level is dropped by one grade.
  • Now also admin and not only limad commands (!ahelp) are separated into categories assignable to high limad levels. EnableStats allows manipulating with statistics, EnableConfig allows to change/restore configuration, EnableCommun makes FTP/IRC commands available, and EnableQuit allows to stop/restart Airio. As a security measure all these categories also require admin rights (real or virtual).
  • Added RaceTime into SRV file to accompany RaceLaps. Both items set minimal race length for storing the total race time into !race(s) output.
  • Moved CheckName, CheckDouble and MinNameLength from SRV to Airio.cfg.txt file, where these items logically belong.
  • Added EnableBanFull into CFG file, renamed EnableBan to EnableBanLimited. Limited ban allows to ban only online drivers and only for default ban time, while full ban has no limitations.
  • Added AllowPlayers and AllowReport items into CFG file. They can be used to allow everyone to see other peoples' status (limad/admin, basic car setup) using the !players (!pl) command, and to disable sending reports via the !rep command.
  • FULL: Added VoteDynamic and VoteLevel to SRV file, allowing dynamic management of drivers' kick/ban voting based on the "power" (sum of levels) of connected limads/admins.
  • Replaced shown drifting points by drift info stating covered angle, average speed, length and resulting points. Personal setting selecting this option is under Drift board/info button.
  • FULL: Added pit info shown on each lap finish. First line shows lap, position and all split (sector) times for review. Second line shows gaps to players in front and behind with their names. This is turned on/off using Bit board/info settings button.
  • Corrected/updated other smaller things (blue flags, limited zones, optimized checks, stats cleaning, stats storing, better defaults, improved joining sequence, GUI reordering).
  • FULL: Fixed a small but unpleasant bug in the custom banning system (bug fix).

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – added CheckName, CheckDouble, MinNameLength, EnableBanFull, AllowName, IsAdmin, EnableStats, EnableConfig, EnableCommun, EnableQuit, AllowPlayers, AllowReport. Airio.tcd.txt – none. Airio.srv.txt – removed CheckName, CheckDouble, MinNameLength, added DefaultVerbosity, StandardVerbosity, RaceTime. Commands – extended !ch[a|b] [on|off], !verb [1-3] (!silent, !noisy, !custom).

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